Product name : Semi-permanent make-up machine
Model name : DIGITAL-HAND-NW

Please be sure to read the user manual before use, and follow the instructions.
Please contact us at the contact number below if you have any inquiries about the product.


Body + Hand-piece Stand + Battery(2ea) + Battery Charger



This device is used for injecting pigmentation inhaled into the disposable needle to mark the color pigment to skin.

Easy to use with rechargeable batteries


  • Cordless use with 2 rechargeable batteries
  • 1~7 speed level
  • Visualized current speed on LED display
  • Available to choose between disposable needle cartridges of PMU and MTS depending on the purposes

Pause mode for user’s convenience


  • Pause mode during treatment by setting hand-piece on cradle
  • Battery charging and treatment at the same time

Ergonomic hand-piece


  • Comfortable to hold the hand-piece for a long time
  • Various needles cartridge options
  • Easy to adjust the needle length by turning the adjustment ring

Disposable sterilized cartridges

EO sterilized disposable needle cartridges(Optional)

Patented technology

Hygienically prevents from being injected contaminant during the operation
※ Needle cartridges are optional.

Adjustment of pigment flow

Adjusts the amount of pigment by turning the adjustment ring on Digital Revo needles

Durable needle cartridge packaging

  • Individual blister package
  • Durable packaging to prevent product damage

Product information

Classification Contents
Product / Model name Semi-permanent make-up machine / DIGITAL-HAND-NW
Permission Number / Date 14-2766 / 2014.12.03
Authentication Status Yes
Advertising Review Status Yes
Purpose of Use Semi-permanent make-up
Manufacturer Bomtech Electronics / Korea
Warranty Within 600 hours after purchase
A/S +82-2-523-8295(Ext no.6)

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