150 ml


Herbion ® ivy is a herbal medicine used as an expectorant for productive cough.

In two pharmaceutical forms, it is a suitable solution for the whole family.


Cough, defined as an explosive exhalation, is primarily a natural defense mechanism , as it helps to remove various foreign bodies and dust particles from the airways. We talk about cough as a sign of illness when it becomes common and disturbing . It is one of the most common problems that makes people seek medical help . It can be acute or chronic .

The most common causes of acute cough are viral and bacterial respiratory infections. We talk about chronic cough when it lasts for at least three weeks, and the causes of it are not necessarily related to the respiratory system (eg stomach diseases).


  • natural aroma of lemon balm
  • sugar free
  • for children 2 years and older, and for adults
How to take Herbion ® ivy syrup
adults, the elderly and adolescents aged 12 years and over 5 to 7.5 ml 2 times a day
children from 6 to 11 years 5 ml 2 times a day
children from 2 to 5 years 2.5 ml 2 times a day

Instructions for use (PDF)

Advanced Info


We distinguish between a dry, irritating cough and a productive cough with sputum.


Dry cough

With a dry cough, no additional mucus is produced in the airways, so coughing is not necessary. This type of cough is treated with medications to soothe and soothe – antitussives .

Dry coughListen and recognize the sound of a dry cough.


It often happens that a dry cough is only a transitional phase and turns into a productive one in a few days.

Productive cough

Productive cough is usually a symptom of a viral infection, e.g. cold or flu . It also accompanies other infections, especially lower respiratory infections such as bronchitis , bronchiolitis and pneumonia . The infection causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and the formation of thick and sticky mucus.

Productive coughListen and recognize the sound of a productive cough.


In productive cough, mucus accumulates in the airways due to the disturbed balance between the formation, travel and expectoration, and obstructs air travel and makes breathing difficult. The cough therefore occurs in the form of attacks after a deep breath, which push the mucus (excrement) upwards towards the throat and pharynx.

This type of cough is treated with drugs that liquefy thick mucus and promote expectoration – expectorants .


Both types of cough are often a sign of respiratory illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.
It is important to be able to distinguish them, as dry cough is treated differently than productive .


If thicker and excess mucus remains in the airways or the infection spreads to the lower respiratory tract, complications can occur. Relatively high pressures and speeds occur in the chest during coughing, which otherwise help to clear the airways, but can also cause problems that in some cases significantly reduce the quality of life. Among other things, exhaustion may occur, and blood flow to the chest is disturbed.

It has probably already happened to each of us that coughing crossed our plans . It can cause a lot of bad mood, as it limits us in daily activities and play, and greatly disturbs rest, as it reduces the quality of sleep .

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